The Geophysics Society of Kutztown University (GSKU) is established to help students at KU gain knowledge and experience in geophysical surveying through providing service to the local community by the application of geophysical methods and education/outreach.  Additionally, this group hosts an annual seminar series within the Physical Sciences Department at KU.

If you have a project for which you would like GSKU to perform geophysical surveying or for more information about what GSKU can do for you, please contact Dr. Laura Sherrod

GSKU is a student chapter of EEGS

Geophysics students at the Perkiomen Survey

Geophysics Students at the Phoenixville Cemetery Survey

GSKU facilitates exploration of undergraduate research opportunities, exposes students to current geophysical studies and applications inside and outside of Kutztown University, and invites local geophysicists and geologicsts to Kutztown as guest speakers.

Geophysics students at the NY Glacial Surveys

Geophysics students at the Burnside Plantation Survey

Geophysics students at the Assateague Island Surveys

Geophysics students at the NY Glacial Surveys

GSKU Projects   Education/Outreach
2022 Mouns Jones House
2022 Joanna Furnace
2022 Bangor Church
2022 BCAGP Service Projects
2021 BCAGP Service Projects
2021 Harrisburg Mansion
2021 Fritz Cemetery
2020 BCAGP Service Project
2019 SPCGV Mass Burial

2019 Pennsylvania Cave
2018 BCAGP Service Projects
2018 Paoli Massacre Survey
2017 Charlestown Cemetery
2017 Providence Township Schoolhouse

2016 Stoddartsville Archaeology
2016 Perkiomen Geophysics
2016 Burnside Plantation
2016 Assateague Island and Greenbackville
2016 New York Glacial Surveys
2015 Utah Mud Volcanoes
2015 Phoenixville Cemetery
2015 Stoddartsville Archaeology

Geophysics students at the PA Cave Survey

Girl Scouts are invited to joing GSKU members for a day each spring to learn about geology and geophysics.  This event has been held since 2017.

Dr. Sherrod provides guest lectures to present the results of service projects to local oraganizations such as historical societies. 
2018/2019 GSKU Seminar Series 2018 GSKU Seminar Series 2016 GSKU Seminar Series
23 October - Emily Quigg of Wild Rockies Field Institute

13 November - Dr. Bojeong Kim of Temple University

14 February - Reliance Environmental

Organized by GSKU President Bojan Milinic
1 March - Dr. Ilya Buynevich of Temple University

15 February - Gina Pope Ph.D. candidate at Temple University

22 March - Dr. Daria Nikitina of West Chester University

5 April - Kelly Morgana KU Alum

Organized by GSKU President Bojan Milinic

15 September - Dr. Atsuhiro Muto of Temple University

22 September - Dr. Sujith Ravi of Temple University

6 October - Dr. Lee Slater of Rutgers University

18 October - Dr. Jorden Hayes of Dickinson College

10 November - Dr. Kristina Keating of Rutgers University

Organized by GSKU President Margariete Malenda
Dr. Lee Slater presents to KU students and faculty Dr. Sujith Ravi talks with KU students at the pizza lunch following his seminar Dr. Jorden Hayes presents to KU students and faculty
  Hydrological Equipment at KU Geophysical Equipment at KU

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