Perkiomen Geophysics

Laura Sherrod - 2016

During the Revolutionary War, General George Washington campaigned throughout Pennsylvania.  Perkiomen Township, located in southeastern Pennsylvania, was one of those places that General Washington stopped.  While researching one of the sites in the Township, Richard Kratz contacted Dr. Laura Sherrod and the Geophysical Society of Kutztown University (GSKU) in the summer of 2016 requesting a geophysical investigation of an area where General Washington and his troops may have stayed.  The request was to investigate the location of a building foundation where General Washington’s base of operations was located in the Township.  Initial surveying was performed in January 2016, with follow-up surveys in September 2016 with students of GEL 358.

GEL 358 students pose with the GPR system

Initial surveys in January 2016


Follow-up surveys in September 2016

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