Magnetometers are used to measure the strength of the magnetic field.  This field is caused by a combination of the large magnetic field of the Earth and smaller magnetic fields of near surface ferrous objects. 

This technique can be used to locate subsurface utilities, underground storage tanks (USTs), unmarked graves, trenches, and foundations. 

The Near Surface Geophysics Lab at Kutztown owns a Geometrics G-858 Cesium Vapor Magnetometer with Dual Sensors for measuring the magnetic field gradient.  The Lab also has two G-857 Proton Precession Magnetometers, one of which was donated by the Las Vegas branch of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The mapping software Oasis Montaj and Surfer are used to plot and process the data at KU. 

  Grand Valley State University Archaeology Field Course (Summer 2010)

KU projects that employ the magnetometer

2021 BCAGP Service Projects
2021 Harrisburg Mansion
2021 Fritz Cemetery
2020 BCAGP Service Project
2019 SPCGV Mass Burial

2019 Pennsylvania Cave
2018 BCAGP Service Projects
2018 Paoli Massacre Survey
2017 Charlestown Cemetery
2017 Providence Township Schoolhouse

2016 Stoddartsville Archaeology
2016 Perkiomen Geophysics
2016 Burnside Plantation
2015 Phoenixville Cemetery
2015 Stoddartsville Archaeology

2013 Local PA Cemeteries
2010 SW Michigan Earthwork
2010 Bethlehem Cemetery - Mass Grave

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