Stoddartsville Archaeology

Laura Sherrod - 2015

The archaeological site at Stoddartsville, PA is in a picturesque setting adjacent to the Lehigh River in the Poconos.  Dr. Khori Newlander of the Anthropology/Sociology Department at KU established a field site at this location for his archaeology field school in summer 2015.  Dr. Newlander invited KU's geophysicist, Dr. Laura Sherrod, to the site to give his students experience with geophysical methods as well as to pinpoint target areas for excavations during the four-week course. 

Ruins of a mill located at the Falls of the Lehigh

Dr. Newlander instructs students on the use of the transit

Two geophysical methods, magnetometry and ground penetrating radar (GPR) were used at the site under the instruction of Dr. Sherrod, with the help of Geology major, Ryan Higgins.  A large grid of 50m x 50m was established on the hill slope behind the farm house at the site.  A northern survey block (20m x 15m) and a southern survey block (30m x 25m) were added to the at the top and base of the hill.  North-south survey lines were performed every 0.5m across the site, with archaeology students operating the equipment.  

The geophysical surveys were conducted over the course of three days of field work in May 2015.  This was followed by three and a half weeks of archaeological investigations by the students under the guidance of Dr. Newlander. 

Dr. Sherrod gives a brief introduction of geophysics to the archaeology students
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