Archaeological Geophysics

Archaeological investigations involve detailed excavation of the subsurface.  Preliminary geophysical surveys may increase the chances of excavating a unit that contains artifacts.  These surveys guide excavations by pinpointing the location of anomalies and/or patterns in subsurface properties.  In partnering with anthropologists and archaeologists, we establish cross-disciplinary relationships that broaden the scope of learning.
  Excavated hearth discovered at the archaeological site of Fort Saint Joseph in Niles, Michigan (above)
Magnetometer used (above) and geophysical anomaly map produced (right) at Fort Saint Joseph.

KU Archaeological Geophysics projects

2022 Mouns Jones House
2022 Joanna Furnace

2022 Bangor Church
2022 BCAGP Service Projects
2021 BCAGP Service Projects
2021 Harrisburg Mansion
2021 Fritz Cemetery
2020 BCAGP Service Project
2019 SPCGV Mass Burial
2019 Pennsylvania Cave
2018 BCAGP Service Projects
2018 Paoli Massacre Survey
2017 Charlestown Cemetery
2017 Providence Township Schoolhouse
2017 Finding Escobar's Millions - Discovery Channel
2016 Stoddartsville Archaeology
2016 Perkiomen Geophysics
2016 Burnside Plantation
2015 Phoenixville Cemetery
2015 Stoddartsville Archaeology
2013 Local PA Cemeteries
2013 SW Michigan Cemetery Survey
2010 SW Michigan Earthwork
2010 Bethlehem Cemetery - Mass Grave


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