Burnside Plantation

Laura Sherrod - 2016

Burnside Plantation in Bethlehem PA has a rich history that has been preserved through the hard work of dedicated volunteers.  One of those volunteers, Bob Windolph, contacted Dr. Laura Sherrod and the Geophysical Society of Kutztown University (GSKU) in summer 2016 to request a geophysical investigation to locate the foundation of a brick kiln on site.  This kiln was thought to have been a location of some importance for General George Washington during the war era.  The location under investigation had been farmed on and off for the last 200 or so years and had also probably been altered by the construction of a railroad line and a major office building in the area close to the site.  This left the soils highly disturbed and destroyed any surficial evidence of the foundation of the kiln. 


School students visiting Burnside Plantation on the date of the survey.

Garden and barn adjacent to the survey area. 

This survey received news coverage from several outlets:

Channel 69 News (link removed)

The Morning Call from the newspaper

The Morning Call online with reference to a video link

Lehigh Valley Live

PA Newsfeed (link removed)

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