Pennsylvanian Cave

Laura Sherrod - 2019

The geology of Pennsylvania contains many karstic features including sinkholes and caves.  While there are many well known caves and caverns, including Crystal Cave, Lost River Cavern, and Penn's Cave, in the state, there are also many other cave features in the state as well. The geophysics class of Fall 2018 visited one such location to map the entrance to a cave that was known only through historic records and said to have been used as a storage or dump site for farm equipment.  GPR and magnetometry were used to identify the cave in the subsurface. Success in identification of a potential entrance ramp to the cave spurred further investigation in the form of resistivity surveys. 

A group of caving enthusiasts invited the geophysics students to the site for the survey.

GPR survey using 200MHz antenna. 


GPR surveys were conducted using a GSSI SIR 3000 control unit with 200MHz antenna at a line spacing of 5ft.  The magnetometer surveys were performed with a G-858 in gradiometer mode with similar line spacing.  Following the initial reconnaisance survey, topography of the area was mapped and a three dimensional resistivity survey was performed over the area of the suspected cave with an MPT DAS-1 resistivity meter. KU students Will Reichard-Flynn, Kim Shollenberger, and Olivia Spillman did the follow-up resistivity survey work. 

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