Pennsylvania Cave Results

Laura Sherrod - 2019

Geophysical investigations were performed to provide subsurface images using a 200MHz GSSI SIR 3000 GPR system, a Geometrics G-858 magnetometer in gradiometer mode, and a DAS-1 64-electrode resistivity meter from Multi-Phase Technologies and the processing software ERTLab Lines were spaced at 5ft for the GPR and magnetometer surveys, and a Dipole-Dipole array with a spacing of 3m was used to produce the resistivity results.

Although the magnetometer survey did not provide useful information regarding the location of the cave, the ramp of the entrance to the cave was identified using the GPR.  The shape of the cave was mapped with the resistivity survey.   

Magnetometer survey results (vertical magnetic gradient).

GPR results of the cave entrance (top - on the right side of the profile) and roof of cave (bottom - in the left and center portion of the profile). 


Resistivity survey results showing the cave in the subsurface.


Setting up the survey lines Pulling the GPR system Setting up the GPR system  
Preparing for the magnetometer survey Setting up the survey lines Creating a base map of the survey area  

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