Geologic Mapping with Geophysics

Geophysics can be used to produce a three dimensional image of the subsurface.  Ground penetrating radar, resistivity, and seismic methods are ideal for mapping stratigraphic changes with depth.  Interpreting the geology of the subsurface can help us to better understand its hydrologic characteristics, identify potential hazards, and plan for land use.  3D GPR

KU Geologic Mapping with Geophysics projects

2019 Pennsylvania Cave
2016 Assateague Island and Greenbackville
2016 New York Glacial Surveys

2015 Utah Mud Volcanoes
2013 Montezuma Wetland Brines
2012 Great Lakes Glacial Mapping
2012 New York Glacial Mapping
2011 Keene Valley Landslide

3D GPR response of a paleosol horizon in a Lake Michigan sand dune. 

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