New York Glacial Surveys

Laura Sherrod - 2012

Three dimensional imaging of glacial deposits has become a very important way to expand our understanding of the geologic history of locations such as Michigan and New York.  Through the use of methods such as Ground Penetrating Radar and Resistivity, images of the subsurface can be produced to show the three dimensional nature of glacial structures and thus make detailed interpretations of the processes at work during previous glacial advances and retreats.  Dr. Laura Sherrod and Kutztown University undergraduate student Dea Musa joined Dr. Andrew Kozlowski and Dr. Brian Bird of the New York State Geologic Mapping Program in the summer of 2012. 


Swampy area between an esker and a drumlin in the glacial landscape of central New York. 

Dea Musa programs the resistivity meter for a dipole-dipole survey at the Lyons field site.

Two field sites were investigated over the course of a week of geophysical field work: Lyons and Duck Lake.  Duck Lake is located within Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, amongst glacial landforms such as eskers and drumlins visible at the surface and through LIDAR images.  Lyons is in a similar glacial region, but is north west of the wetland complex of Montezuma.

To delineate the three-dimensional trends of the glacial structures, several geophysical surveys were performed over a variety of glacial features.  Ten resistivity surveys were implemented to map  channel features in a large delta deposit at the Lyons site with an MPT DAS-1 Electrical Impedance Tomography System. GPR profiles, using a SIR 3000 GSSI radar system with 100MHz, 200MHz and 400MHz antennae, were collected along many of the resistivity lines at Lyons and through reconnaissance lines along roads which followed glacial features such as eskers and drumlins at the Duck Lake site. Surveys identified subsurface channel features, braided gravel deposits, and highlighted the clay rich nature of the drumlins of this region. 

GPR surveys were performed with several frequencies of antennae to generate a more complete image of the subsurface features
Lyons Geophysical Results
Duck Lake Geophysical Results
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