New York Glacial Lyons Results

Laura Sherrod - 2012

Resistivity and GPR surveys were performed in a large grassy field behind the Aldi in Lyons, NY.  This field was a delta during the last glacial retreat, with river water from melting glaciers passing through the area to deposit their load in this delta feature as the river entered a glacial lake.  Dr. Kozlowski and Dr. Bird had done significant field work at this site in the past, locating a layer of preserved wood at some depth below the surface in previous borings.   

The resistivity and GPR images show consecutive profiles with channel features cutting through the delta deposits.  These geophysical features require further ground-truth investigation to confirm the channel-form interpretation.  By age-dating the preserved wood and correlating that with the geophysical data and channel features, it has been shown that these channels are post glacial.  

GPR and resistivity image of the channel as recorded using a 200MHz antenna and a 5m dipole-dipole survey.

The Lyons field site in the grassy field provided a flat area for resistivity lines.  Dea Musa and Dr. Brian Bird install electrodes along a resistivity survey line. Dea Musa lays the cable which will be connected to the electrodes for the resistivity survey. 
Dea Musa and Dr. Brian Bird move the equipment to the next survey line using the Gator.  Dr. Andrew Kozlowski checks the GPR set-up with the SIR 3000 GPR system.  Dr. Andrew Kozlowski tows the 100MHz antenna in bistatic mode using the Gator.  
Dr. Andrew Kozlowski surveys with the 400MHz antenna. Dr. Andrew Kozlowski and Dr. Brian Bird transport the GPR equipment to the next survey line in the Gator The 200MHz antenna was towed by Dr. Sherrod's field vehicle.
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