Assateague Island and Greenbackville

Laura Sherrod - 2016

Dr. Adrienne Oakley has spent several years investigating sea level change and sedimentation patterns in the region of the Chincoteague Bay Field Station.  In June 2016 Dr. Sherrod joined Dr. Oakley’s research students Adam Cooper and Sarah Moriarty at their field sites to perform Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys to link the stratigraphy between boreholes.  A full day in the field was dedicated to the collection of GPR profiles at Assateague Island and Greenbackville, sites at which Dr. Oakley has extensive borehole data from her previous research projects.  A GSSI SIR 3000 GPR system was used with 400MHz, 270MHz, and 200MHz antenna.  Resistivity surveys were tested with unsuccessful results. 

Assateague Island ponies on the drive to the site

Assateague Island ponies at the field site

Sarah Moriarty, Adam Cooper, and Sierra Smart at Assateague Island

Assateague Island Results
Greenbackville Results
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