Harrisburg Mansion

Laura Sherrod - 2021

The Harris Mansion is located at 219 S Front Street in Harrisburg, PA. This mansion was constructed in 1766 and is directly across the street from the grave of John Harris, founder of Harrisburg. John Harris was instrumental in establishing Harrisburg as a crossroads for the State of Pennsylvania.  His original house and trading post were built on the bank of the river where the railroad bridge stands today. Geophysical investigations of ground penetrating radar and magnetometer were utilized at this field site to locate any anomalous responses indicative of the original Harris home foundation. Numerous geophysical anomalies relating to recent utilities were identified across the site, and two potential foundation locations are noted in the geophysical data.  These anomalous zones are not distinct and require further investigation to verify the source.


Discription of the John Harris Senior Grave Site.


Daniel Marroncelli performs the magnetometer survey at the site.


A geophysical survey grid of 400 ft by 240 ft was established at the site, with the northeastern edge located 5 ft southwest of the curb along Front Street .  Due to time constraints on the day of the survey, the coordinates of some surface features were obtained, but others were not.  Therefore, the site map does not accurately depict all surface features.  Detailed reconnaissance geophysical mapping using a magnetometer in dual sensor mode and a ground penetrating radar (GPR) in continuous survey mode was performed throughout the site.      

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