Paoli Massacre Surveys

Laura Sherrod - 2018

Pennsylvania is a state that has a rich history, including many battles from the revolutionary war era.  The Paoli Massacre in Malvern.  The Paoli Battlefield is the site of the slaughter of fifty-two American soldiers by English troops.  There is a memorial established at the battlefield to commemorate the lives of those slain soldiers, but there are also rumors of a fifty-third soldier.  The geophysics class of Fall 2018 visited the memorial to perform geophysical investigations to identify the burial location of the fifty-third soldier.   

GPR surveys were conducted using a GSSI SIR 4000 control unit with 400MHz and 500MHz antenna at a line spacing of 1ft.  Magnetometer surveys were performed with a G-858 in gradiometer mode with similar line spacing.  Unfortunately, due to the length of time that passed between interment and geophysical surveying, as well as the number of large trees in and around the survey location, the geophysical survey results did not produce any indication of the burial location of the fifty-third soldier. 

The memorial established to the fifty-two soldiers who died in the Paoli Massacre

GPR survey using 400MHz antenna. 

Magnetometer survey using G-858. 

GPR profile line showing hyperbolic reflections from the tree roots. 

Vertical magnetic gradient at the Paoli site.

Results published in Journal of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, December 2020 Archaeological Geophysics Ground Penetrating Radar
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