Fritz Cemetery

Laura Sherrod - 2021

Fritz cemetery is located in Douglass Township, near 700 Evans Road in Pottstown, PA. Numerous headstones stand within the stone walls of the burial grounds, with seventy-one burials from the 1700s and 1800s noted on the plaque near the gate. There are large sections of the cemetery that do not contain headstones which may be locations of unmarked burials. The grave of George Adam Fisher is of particular interest, with an estimated date of burial of 1790. Geophysical investigations of ground penetrating radar and magnetometer were utilized at this cemetery to characterize burials within the walls of the cemetery. The geophysical signature of marked burials is inconsistent and obscured by the root systems of several large trees within the cemetery, making identification of unmarked burials at this site through geophysical means very challenging.


Site description on the plaque at the entrance.


Channel 69 News videographer records the GPR survey performed by Corey Potter.


A geophysical survey grid of 164 ft NE by 130 ft NW was established at the site, with the southern corner located inside the stone wall of the cemetery.   Detailed reconnaissance geophysical mapping using a magnetometer in dual sensor mode and a ground penetrating radar (GPR) in continuous survey mode was performed throughout the site.     

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