Hydrogeological Equipment at KU

The Physical Sciences Department has a wide selection of hydrogeological equipment, making GEL 362 labs a rich and applied experience in which students get hands on training in data collection and equipment use. 

This equipment also offers a wide range of research opportunities, including on-going investigations of hydrologic problems in the Headwaters of the Schuylkill Watershed.  The AMD impacted watershed provides a diverse and challenging field site for undergraduate researchers.  Projects in this location are combined with geophysical techniques to characterize the pathways of subsurface water flow. 

  Kutztown University students measure the water level at a quarry near campus (Spring 2012).
Data Collection and Equipment
Stream discharge measurements
Marsh-McBirney Flow Meter with electromagnetic sensor (2 units)
Top-Setting Wading Rod (2 units)

Water quality measurements
Horiba Multi-Probe W-22XD.23XD
YSI Professional Plus (3 units)

Groundwater Sampling
Geotech geocontrol PRO Bladder Pump
Hurricane Well Pump

Water level monitoring
Heron Water Tape (100ft and 300ft units)
InSitu Minitrolls (10 units)
Kutztown University students measure the discharge of the Sacony Creek in Kutztown (Spring 2012).  

GEL 362 - Hydrogeology

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