Stoddartsville Archaeology Results

Laura Sherrod - 2015

The vertical magnetic gradient map (right) was produced to illustrate zones of magnetic variation.  Several linear magnetic features were identified and may be investigated by the archaeologists in subsequent field seasons. Surface features such as driveway and decorative boulders (as in the south central portion of the survey block) and electrical lines (south west corner) may have masked signals from subsurface sources. 

GPR data were used to pinpoint discrete objects in the subsurface.  Hyperbolic reflections such as those shown below may indicate unmarked burails. 

Archaeology students survey at the base of the hill Archaeology students operate the GPR along a row of headstones Archaeology students begin to move up the hill with the GPR
Archaeology students line up the GPR Archaeology students survey along the hillside David Vales helps the archaeology students move the equipment up the hill
Archaeology students finish the survey line on the hillside David Vales operates the magnetometer Archaeology survey the area with the magnetometer
Stoddartsville Archaeology 2016 Archaeological Geophysics Ground Penetrating Radar
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