Providence Township Schoolhouse Results

Laura Sherrod - 2017

Geophysical investigations were performed to provide subsurface images using a 400MHz GSSI SIR 3000 GPR system and a Geometrics G-858 magnetometer in gradiometer mode.  Lines were spaced at 1.5ft to provide complete coverage of the survey area.  The schoolhouse was apparent in the GPR timeslices (right) in the southwestern corner of the survey area.  The high amplitude reflection of the GPR signal from the foundation stones clearly shows the rectangular shape of the building as well as the dividing wall in the center which separated the school room from the living space of the teacher. 

GPR timeslice of the survey area showing the outline of the schoolhouse in the southwest.


Magnetometer results showing a cluster of small anomalies near the presumed location of the stables. 

The magnetic response at this site did not provide the schoolhouse location or the number of fireplaces, but a cluster of magnetic anomalies in the southeastern portion of the survey area may indicate the location of the stables that were in use at the time of the schoolhouse.  This survey location may become the site of a future archaeology project as KU students work to unearth the foundation stones of the schoolhouse.  This future work could confirm the interpretation of the size and location of the schoolhouse foundation as well provide answers on the number of fireplaces present in the last interation of the schoolhouse.     


Liam Doyle operates the GPR. Close-up of the plaque on the model schoolhouse Liam Doyle operates the magnetometer.  

Providence Township Schoolhouse
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