Kutz Cemetery Results

Laura Sherrod - 2018

GPR and magnetometer surveys were performed at the site to delineate the location of unmarked burials.  Surfacial objects were mapped across the site, and geophysical surveys were performed with a line spacing was 1.5ft.  Ten potential unmarked burials were identified across the site.  These potential burials appeared as hyperbolic reflections which extended a lateral distance of between 3 and 7 ft in the GPR profiles (i.e. crossed multipled parallel GPR profiles). 

GPR profile showing potential burials 1 through 4.

Base map of the Kutz Cemetery site

Magnetometer map of the Kutz Cemetery site with site map overlay GPR Timeslice of the Kutz Cemetery site with site map overlay and potential unmarked burials highlighted
The Kutz Family Graveyard site Nathan Lottes rus the magnetometer Quinn Koffman helps lay out the survey lines
View of the cemetery showing the distribution of headstones Tiler Sivak runs the GPR Parking on site
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