Introduction to Mathematics
Math 017
Handouts for In-class Assignments

This page contains links to the handouts that can be used for in-class assignments for Math 017, Fall 2009. If a student has missed class or wishes an extra copy of a handout he may download the following handouts (in Word 7 format, PDF, or HTML) [note: download it or view it, automatically a window will pop up for Word - - one can not view the handout in HTML if it is a DOC]:

1.         Frequently Used Notation. [PDF]                     

2.         Truth Tables [PDF]               
3.          Conditional and Biconditional Translation [PDF]              

4.          A List of Logic Rules One Should Know [PDF]                    

5.         Real Number Axioms [PDF]           

4.         Peano Axioms [PDF]        

6.         Combinatorics        [PDF] 

7.         Basic Probability        [PDF]                                          

8.         Probability Diagrammes        [PDF]    

9.         Bernoulli & Binomial Probability Mass Functions [DOC]           Bernoulli and Binomial Probability Mass Functions        [PDF]                            

12.         Measurement Scales        [DOC]                                                    

13.         Measures of Central Tendency        [DOC]                               Measures of Central Tendency        [PDF]                                             

14.         Statistical Formulae        [DOC]                                                    

15.         Geometric Formulae        [DOC]                                                    

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