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Kunal K. Das

Research Group


The group in 2018-2019 (L-R): [Back]: Gerald Curran, Allison Brattley                                            [Front]:Caelan Brooks, Kunal Das, Anna Faretty

The group in 2017-2018 (L-R): Gerald Curran, Anna Faretty, Kunal Das,                                            Ankhita Manjunatha, Jacob Christ, Joseph Ritzko


The group in 2016-2017 (L-R): [Back]: Edward Metz, Kunal Das, Taylor Worthington                      [Front]: Jacob McCann, Andrew Venzie, Joseph Ritzko, Ethan Wallace, Adam Saybolt, Jacob Christ


The group in 2015-2016 (L-R): Joshua Garner, Angelo Vardaxis, Kunal Das, Andrew Venzie, Edward Metz, Jacob Christ, Joseph Ritzko 


The group in 2014-2015 (L-R): [Back]: Kevin Ruppert, Jacob Crhist, Jennica LeClerc, Joseph Ritzko, Joshua Garner, Kunal Das, Daniel Steinberg 


The group in 2013-2014 (L-R): [Back]: Eric Entrup, Ian Tomes, Joshua Garner                      [Front]: Brian Kilpatrick , John Janda, Kunal Das, Kevin Ruppert


The group in 2012-2013 (L-R): Eric Entrup (student), John Janda (student), Brian Kilpatrick (student), Kunal Das, Peter Koufalis (student), Matthew Meehan (student),Ryan Scheirer (student)


The group in 2011-2012 (L-R): Ryan Scheirer (student),  Adam Bullock (student), Kunal Das, Andrew (AJ) Pyle ( student), Peter Koufalis (student), Matthew Meehan (student)


Peter Koufalis has studied the effects of nonliearity due to interactions in the transport dynamics of ultra-cold atoms. He has presented his research in the 2012 conference of the Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics (DAMOP) supported by a Neag fellowship. Peter did an REU in Summer 2012 where he spent part of the summer at the Large Hadron Collider in CERN, Geneva in Switzerland. He has been the recepient of multiple awards at the university. Pete is currently attending Cornell University working towards a Ph.D. in Physics.


Matthew Meehan has been studying the quantum and classical limits of novel quantum pumps that generate biasless transport using time-varying potentials. He has developed a numerical code to simulate semiclassical theory and his work is currently in review for publication in Physical Review A in a paper titled 'A Quantum Paddlewheel'. Matthew is now attending the University of Wisconsin, Madison to pursue a Ph.D. in Physics.

Brian Kilpatrick has worked on nonlinear enchancement of the sensitivity of rotation sensors involving matter waves in the Sagnac effect and analogous phenomena. Brian participated in an REU program at Cornell University in the summer of 2013, on experimental High Energy Physics. He also presented a research poster at the DAMOP international physics conference in June 2013. Brian will be attending Brown University to pursue a Ph.D. in Physics.

Andrew (AJ) Pyle has worked on quantum transport of cold atoms and electrons by time-varying potentials. His undergraduate research has lead to co-authorship on a paper published in Physical Review A [Scattering by an oscillating barrier: quantum, classical, and semiclassical comparison, Phys. Rev. A 86 013622 (2012)]. He is also a co-ahuthor on two more papers related this work to be publised in Physical Review A. Andrew graduated in 2011 and is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in Experimental Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics in The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA.
Ryan Scheirer has been working on modeling stochastic processes using a Fokker-Planck equation. He has been examing the similarities of such dynamics with that of the time-dependent Schrodinger equation. He has also applied the stochastic theory to Biophysics problems. He has developed several numerical codes to propagate the partial differential equations involved. Ryan is now attending University of Oregon, Corvalis to pursue a Ph.D. in Physics.
John Janda is a senior who is examining the effects of non-linearity of coherent interference effects in mesoscopic transport dynamics.
Eric Entrup is a senior who has been studying the comparitive dynamics of stochastic processes and quantum probabilistic dynamics.
Adam Bullock graduated in 2011. He researched stochastic dynamics involced in the electrochemistry of cardiac cells.