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Don't wait for the Last Judgment.  It happens every day.
N'attendez pas le Jugement dernier.  Il a lieu tous les jours.
- Albert Camus, “The Fall”


Why would anyone want to become a geologist?

Geology is largely for science-loving people who like travel, nature, and working with diverse people.  I've really enjoyed my career as a geologist because it gets me out of the office and puts me in strange new environments with little mysteries to solve.  Geological problems require me to really look carefully at things, bring together my knowledge of many other fields of science, and analyze the data in a logical and creative way.  Creativity is an essential facet of science that many people overlook!  Personally, I'm particularly attracted to the practical aspects of applied geology that have direct value to people, but many geologists also do fascinating research on fundamental processes. 

In addition to scientific adventure, my geologic studies allow me to work with a wide variety of people from different cultures, many of whom I would never have otherwise encountered, and seen places relatively few folks back home have seen.  I believe that a lot of the conflict between people in the world is due to a lack of understanding of each other's viewpoints.  Ignorance allows us to think of strangers as less human than ourselves and so can enable us to become callous, uncaring, disdainful, and even hateful.  Traveling and meeting people in person helps destroy that ignorance, enables us to see people as more than simple stereotypes or abstract, symbolic icons on a map, and so paves the way for new friendships and opportunities for productive cooperation.  I have yet to visit a place inhabited solely by monsters - most people are pretty cool, although there are admittedly a few jerks everywhere you go. 

(The photos are coming - as with my life itself, this web page is a work in progress.)

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