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          (long résumé)Kurt Friehauf

Professor of Geology
Dept. of Physical Sciences
Boehm Science Building Room 135
Kutztown University of Pennsylvania
Kutztown, PA  19530
Tel: 610-683-4446
FAX: 610-683-1352

We are all partners in a quest.
The essential questions have no answers.
Questions unite people.
Answers divide them.

- Elie Wiesel
Students in my mineralogy class on top of the
                  bare, rocky peak of Giant Mountain in the Adirondack
                  Mountains of New York in 2006. They are tired and
                  proud of having just climbed 3300 ft to the top of the
                  towering peak. Accomplishments like this build self
                  confidence. Click this image to go to my teaching
Courses I teach and philosophy of the importance of undergraduate research in education
Alaska - Mount Fairplay project
Applying science to answer questions whose answers are not in the textbooks... yet!
I love science, so I do a lot of science outreach
                  to the community by visiting schools and hosting
                  groups in my lab at the university. This is a photo of
                  me working with a gaggle of excited five-year-old kids
                  looking at rocks with a powerful, polarizing,
                  petrographic microscope. Click here to visit my
                  service and outreach webpage.
Science outreach, Geology Club,
Outdoors Club, and various committees
I'm on that help students
This is a photo of me (Kurt Friehauf) which I
                  animated so the ears wiggle up and down. Clicking on
                  this picture will direct you to my Curriculum Vitae
                  (fancy résumé).
Curriculum Vitae
Kurt Friehauf doing hula hoop at Earth Day 2010
Personal stuff
Why would anyone want to become a geologist? Travel pictures, favorite quotes, books, hobbies, recommended links, etc.
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When and where to find me
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