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From Dr. Frye:

Please have students use this form to enroll in a closed CSC class or classes they don’t meet the prereqs.


CS&IT check sheets

Gen Ed category courses for srping 2020

Science courses for CS majors (not IT) This is was last updated April 2021.
There are two requirements for the BS in Computer Science program that states “Natural Science course for a Science Major”. One of these courses is a concomitant and the other is a directed general education course (it is counted in general education). The following courses can be used to satisfy these requirements. If the course will count in general education, the category it is counted will be listed. Prerequisites for the courses are listed in parenthesis.
AST140 (MAT105 or MAT115, and co-req PHY40 or PHY100) Physical Sciences 
AST142 (PHY40 or PHY100) Physical Sciences 
BIO104, Principles of Biology (science majors) Biology C 1
BIO106, Intro to Zoology (C or better in BIO104)  [not recommended] Biology 
BIO108, Intro to Botany (C or better in BIO104)  [not recommended] Biology 
BIO216, Genetics  (C or better in BIO104 and CS major) Biology 
CHM100 (science majors) Physical Sciences C 2
CHM102 (CHM100) Physical Sciences 
ENV210, Environmental Geography (GEL100) Physical Sciences 
GEL100, Physical Geology (high school algebra, trig and chemistry) Physical Sciences C 2
GEL102, Historical Geology (GEL20 or GEL100) Physical Sciences 
GEL110, Intro to Oceanography (none) Physical Sciences C 1
GEL210, Environmental Geography (GEL100) Physical Sciences 
MAR110, Intro to Oceanography (none) Physical Sciences C 1
PHY40, General Physics I (MAT106 or MAT115 or MAT181) Physical Sciences C 2
PHY42, General Physics II (PHY40) Physical Sciences 
PHY100, Physics I (MAT181, can be concurrent) Physical Sciences C 2
PHY102, Physics II (PHY100 and MAT181) Physical Sciences 
You should consider taking a two-course sequence (i.e. BIO104 & BIO106, BIO104 & BIO108, CHM100 & CHM102, GEL100 & GEL102, GEL100 & GEL110, GEL100 & GEL210, PHY40 & PHY42, or PHY100 & PHY102).
For a Biology sequence, the Biology department recommends BIO104 and BIO216. 


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