Submitting Programs using the Turnin Utility


To submit programming projects on the UNIX system, a utility named turnin is employed. Turnin takes the files specified in the command and places them in a subdirectory belonging to your course instructor that is reserved for your submissions. This will allow submission and grading of programs to occur as efficiently as possible.


Setting up turnin:

To set up the turnin utility for your use, you will run a perl script that alters your .login file and creates or updates your .alias file. This script is to be run once only each term. To run this script, issue the following command from your root directory on the UNIX system:

perl   /export/home/public/<prof>/    <course>   



¨       <prof> is your prof’s e-mail address, all lower case, without the “”

¨       <course> is the course number. If you are in CSC 135, this argument would be 135 (no CSC)

¨       the blanks are entered as implied


If you are in CSc 135 with Dr. Spiegel, you would set up turnin using the command:

perl /export/home/public/spiegel/    135  


It is assumed you are using the bash shell. If you are using any other shell, change to bash to set up turnin and make sure the file .bash_profile gets loaded on login.


Invoking turnin:

For each programming project, you will submit all requested files using the turnin command, as follows:

turnin<class #>     <file­1>    <file­­­2>        <filen>



¨       <class #> is the CSc course number for this course (just the number, no CSC)

¨       <filei> is the name of a file in the present directory or the name of a file that includes a full or relative pathname.

There is no limit to the number of files that may be turned in via the turnin command. The names of the files are separated by whitespace (at least one blank); do not use any character to delimit file names.  Wildcards are permitted, but you can’t submit an entire directory by the directory’s name.


For example, if a student in CSc 135 intends to turn in the files project1.cpp and ReadMe.txt, the command would be:

turnin135  project1.cpp  ReadMe.txt


Note that there is no blank between the turnin and the 135.



Ř  The perl script must be run from your login, or root directory (the directory you start in when you log in to acad). If you run it from any other directory, you won't be able to use turnin. Remember, it is run only once per semester. You are responsible to set up turnin BEFORE the first project is due. Not setting up turnin is NOT a legitimate excuse to turn in work late.

Ř  After setting up turnin, either log out and log back in, or source .bash_profile  before attempting to use the utility.

Ř  You may turn in a file any number of times. Each submission will overwrite the previous version submitted.

Ř  After each execution of turnin, you will receive an e-mail containing a listing of the files you have turned in (now or previously) for this project. If you don't receive this mail, it is possible that the turnin failed.

Ř  Please report any difficulty with setting up or using turnin to the course instructor as quickly as possible.