GEL 050 - Water Wars

Water is the most important natural resource in the world.  It is a necessity of life on earth and has been at the heart of intense conflicts throughout human history.  This course, designed as a general education course for Category IV and V, integrates the basic concepts presented in Physical Geology and Hydrogeology, but uses political and environmental conflicts over water resources as the foundation for learning.  Examples will be drawn from around the world (Aswan High Dam in Africa, the Aral Sea in Asia, the Colorado River in the Western United States, to name a few) as well as our own backyard (Abandoned Mine Drainage in the Schuylkill Watershed).  The environmental and political aspects of the course will appeal to a wide variety of  students from many different disciplines.  This course will provide a foundation of knowledge for understanding water resources issues worldwide. 

This course is an introduction to the study of hydrology, geology, and scientific principles from the perspective of water as a natural resource. Both surface and subsurface hydrogeological processes are examined in an example-oriented teaching method that incorporates an evaluation of the political and environmental ramifications of each situation. This course does not satisfy major, concomitant, or specialization requirements for Secondary Education and/or Liberal Arts and Sciences majors.

  The Colorado River just north of Lake Powell
GEL 050 Math Demo eLearning Modules:

Math 01 - Unit Conversions

Math 02 - Water Budget

Math 03 - Areas and Volumes

Math 04 - Discharge of a River

Math 05 - Porosity and Gradient Calculations

Math 06 - Darcy's Law

Math 07 - Glacial movement

Math 08 - Speed of Groundwater Flow

Math 09 - Combined application

Math 10 - Combined application
AMD remediation project at Silver Creek in Schulkill County.  

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