by Jenn Wiand


Volumes of Three-Dimensional Shapes

Jenn Wiand
To obtain a downloadable copy of the worksheet that accompanies this bulletin board, click on the button below.

TITLE: Shapes of Spring

SUBJECT: Geometry

TOPIC: Volumes of three-dimensional shapes

INTERACTIVITY: To complete the activity sheet that accompanies this bulletin board, students are required to remove each object from the board and answer questions pertaining to that object. For each object a volume question is asked on the activity sheet. To find the volume of the objects, the center of a flower, the stem of a flower, two rays of the sun, and the two individual pieces of the bird house, students are required to take all necessary measurement to use the formulas discussed in class. Students are then asked to return all objects back to the bulletin board in their designated place.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: On the bulletin board there are six items that can be removed; the center of the one flower, the stem of another flower, both sections of the bird house, and two rays from the sun. Gently pull each piece off of the bulletin board when you are asked to. Answer the questions regarding each piece of the bulletin board and then gently attach the pieces back to the board. Any materials needed to measure the pieces can be found in the teal bag on the front of the bulletin board.

In additions to the directions outlined above a diagram of the bulletin board is also placed on the direction sheet outline where each removable piece can be found.

TIME: It should take students between ten and fifteen minutes to complete this bulletin board.

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: All removable pieces of the board are created out of foam material. It was very difficult to attach the Velcro to these pieces. Most glue products do not hold the Velcro to the foam. I finally used hot glue to attach the two but the hot glue can and will melt some of the foam. So it is necessary to put the hot glue on the Velcro piece and allow it to begin to harden before you place it onto the foam material. To paint the foam I used Acrylic paint so that further damage was not done to the foam pieces.

Since my back drop is made out of blue fabric, I sowed the rough pieces of the Velcro on to the fabric to create a more secure attachment. I then stapled the Velcro again to the board once it was up.

CREDIT: After the completing of the activity sheet pertaining to the bulletin board, students are able to gain up to five extra credit points to use on the next chapter test.

OTHER COMMENTS: Other three-dimensional objects can be created to be added to this bulletin board. It also can be adapted for any season.

Jenn Wiand
Spring 2006