by Jesse Whitehouse


Assorted Calculations

Jesse Whitehouse
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TITLE: The title of this bulletin board is "Are You Game?" On the game board is "Mathopoly" instead of "Monopoly."

SUBJECT: The subject that I would use this bulletin board for is 6th or 7th grade math, typically in the area of pre-algebra.

TOPIC: There is no real topic to my bulletin board because the questions range from simple addition of fractions to solving for n. Some other things on the board include guessing a number, the order of operations, positive times negative, simple word problems, and prime numbers.

INTERACTIVITY: Students must roll the dice and see what number they get. They will then move that many spaces on the board. Once they get to the spot they are to lift up the flap and read the question. Once he or she thinks they have an answer, they say it, and then check it by lifting up another flap underneath of the first flap. If they are right they go again, if they are wrong they put their piece on the board by a push pin.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Pick pieces out of the pieces tray. Roll the dice to see who goes first. The higher number goes first. Place your piece at the start square and roll the dice. Move that many spaces around the board, lift up the flap, and read the question. If you get it right go again, if not put your piece on the board with a push-pin. First one around the board wins. Caution: if you land on a space where another player is, you must move back one space as a penalty for home invasion! Have fun!!!!

TIME: Depending on the level of the students, this activity could range from 10 minutes to 20 minutes approximately.

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: I used flaps on this bulletin board. What I did was first glued down a piece of construction paper the size of the space. Then I made the flap the same color by making it twice the size and then folding it. I stapled the top of the flap to the board. I glued the bottom of the flap only half way so I could write the answer underneath it. I would recommend that you laminate the flaps though. Mine got a little worn!


CREDIT: Each student will receive credit as a homework grade. Students don’t have to play, but are encouraged to play because it will help their grades. They will get approximately 15-20 points.

OTHER COMMENTS: I got great comments on this bulletin board. Students told me that it was very fun and exciting to play. That alone made all the work worthwhile.

Jesse Whitehouse