by Stas Walerski

Algebra II


Stas Walerski
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TITLE: What Are The Odds?


TOPIC: Probability

INTERACTIVITY: The bulletin board has three different activities to test understanding of probability. First, students will draw cards from a deck to test probability. Second, students will spin the roulette wheel while filling out the worksheet. Last, students will roll the hand-made die a number of times to test probability.


Note: This assignment is worth five bonus points. Upon handing in this worksheet, you will receive a poker chip. The chip is worth five points and can be added on to any test of your choice. Please be honest and record accurately the results of the various experiments from the bulletin board. These results will be combined to see how your real-life trials compared to the expected probabilities.

Card Game

    • Flip over the top row of four cards and insert them in their respective slots face up. Now that you see your partial hand, what is the probability that you complete this hand?
    • Next, choose a card from the deck and insert it into the empty fifth slot.
    • Repeat this process for the second row of cards.

Roulette Wheel

    • Answer the following probability questions about the roulette wheel.
    • Spin the roulette wheel three times and record what you roll.

Roll The Die

    • Answer the following probability questions.
    • Roll the die six times and record the results.

TIME: It will take students approximately 10-15 minutes to complete the assignment

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: Flaps were made under the white markings for the cards so that the cards would be held on the board. The roulette wheel was hand-made using poster board and construction paper. A rubber bouncing ball was also strung above the board so that the ball would land on a roulette wheel space rather than just having an arrow point to the space. The die was made using two layers of construction paper. Scotch tape was used to protect the edges of the die from ripping. I had hand drawn a wood-like pattern onto brown paper for the border.

CREDIT: Students will receive a specially marked poker chip. This poker chip is worth 5 bonus points and can be handed in to the teacher to add 5 points on to any test grade.

Stas Walerski
Spring 2006