Christopher Velas

8th Grade Statistics

Mean, Median, and Mode

Christopher Velas
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SUBJECT: 8th Grade Statistics

TOPIC: Mean, Median, and Mode

INTERACTIVITY: This bulletin board requires that the students take 10 free throws at the basket ball hoop. They will need to do this in order to achieve an 11th score need to complete the worksheet. They will also need to get the other 10 scores off the scoreboard.

DIRECTIONS: Take the ball out of the ball holder and with your back against the opposite wall take 10 shots at the basketball hoop. Record your score on the lines provided below along with the 10 scores that are posted on the score sheet next to the basketball hoop. Then answer the following questions.

TIME: This activity will take the students approximately 10-15 minutes to complete

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: I wanted to make this bulletin board as sturdy as possible since things were going to be thrown at it. For the back round, I used a piece of blue colored display board that is extremely ridged and allowed me to piece everything together ahead of time. For the back board for the hoop I used a piece of foam core and cut out the shape of a back board from it. The hoop itself is just a plastic basketball hoop I found at a dollar store and the lettering is just pre made self sticking letters. Finally the scoreboard and cut out basketball are made out of foam sheet.

CREDIT: Upon completing the worksheet, students can receive up to 5 extra credit points that can be added to one of their test grades.

OTHER COMMENTS: I tried to keep the overall look of the bulletin board simple and easy to follow and easy to understand. But I tried to make it something that the majority of students could relate too and have fun with.

Christopher Velas
Fall 2006