by Sara Tracy


Problem Solving Using Egyptian Numerals

Sara Tracy
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TITLE: Travel to Egypt

SUBJECT: Algebra

TOPIC: Problem Solving using Egyptian Numerals

INTERACTIVITY: After the lesson on Egyptian Numerals, the students will be able to complete the steps to the bulletin board. There is a matching section, which is to be completed first. Here, the students must match the correct Egyptian symbols to the correct number value. There is a folder that contains the matching cards used for this section. The students will move onto the questions section. Here, the students must match the correct number to the Egyptian symbols. There is also a folder for the question cards. The students will need a calculator to solve the problems, in which they will place on the board. The cards will stick to the board using Velcro.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Using the bulletin board on Egyptian Numerals, complete this worksheet. Using the matching cards on the bulletin board, match each Egyptian symbol with the correct number. From the questions section, match each question card number with the correct Egyptian symbol. After doing so, calculate the answers.

TIME: approx. 10 minutes

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: Velcro (to attach the interactive cards)

CREDIT: This assignment will be worth 15 points as a homework grade.

Sara Tracy