by Caitlin Sublette


Finding Trig Values

Caitlin Sublette
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TITLE: Trig or Treat!!!"

SUBJECT: Trigonometry, approx. 11th grade

TOPIC: Finding cosine, sine, and tangent using adjacent, opposite, and hypotenuse sides of a triangle

INTERACTIVITY: The bulletin board is set up in 4 sections. Each section has a triangle and another Halloween shape in it. Two of these sections have numbers already filled out on the sides of the triangle and the students must use the pieces in the appropriate envelope to attach the answers to two of the following topics; cosine, sine, or tangent. They will be attached using Velcro. The other two sections of the bulletin board have the answers to two of those topics filled in, and the student needs to use the pieces from the envelope and attach numbers to the correct sides of the triangle. They will remove all pieces and put them in the proper envelopes when they are finished.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Let’s Have Fun! When you look at the bulletin board, there are 4 different numbered sections. Starting with number 1, take the numbered pieces out of the envelope labeled "1" and decide where some of them need to be placed in that section. (Hint: There will be some pieces left over, please place them back into the correct envelope.) There is a question relating to each section, numbered in the same fashion, below these instructions. Please complete the questions after you complete the bulletin board and then answer the bonus question. Please put all pieces back in their appropriate envelopes when you are finished with the board AND the worksheet. Enjoy!

TIME: The completion of the bulletin board and the worksheet should take approximately 10 minutes for the average Trigonometry student.

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: I used Velcro to be able to attach and remove numbered pieces to the bulletin board. I also used a Halloween border that was store-bought, and I created a ghost, spider, witch, and pumpkin by hand using construction paper.

CREDIT: The students will receive two percentage points on the test that contains this information if they hand in the worksheet and it is correct.

Caitlin Sublette