by Tracey Steele

Algebra I

Concept of Function & Patterns

Tracey Steele
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TITLE: The Function Machine

SUBJECT: Algebra I

TOPIC: Concept of functions and recognizing patterns in mathematics.

INTERACTIVITY: Students will interact with this bulletin board by looking at the input/output card in the "machine and try to determine the function being used. Then the card can be pulled out of the "machine" to see what the function is being used.


  1. Look at the input and output on each card. Try to determine the function that is giving the output.
  2. Lift the card out of the machine to see what the answer is and then replace the card to the back of the stack.
  3. Do the worksheet for extra credit.

TIME: Students should complete the bulletin board activity in less than 10 minutes depending on the amount of time spent determining each function.

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: The "machine" was constructed using Styrofoam and covered with foil. Then it was decorated to look like a machine and covered with clear contact paper for durability. The cards are made from poster board and laminated for durability.

CREDIT: Students will receive 5 extra credit points for completing the worksheet.

Tracey Steele