by Tara Smith


Graphing Conics Using a Graphing Calculator

Tara Smith
To obtain a downloadable copy of the worksheet that accompanies this bulletin board, click on the button below.

SUBJECT: Trigonometry

TOPIC: Graphing conics using a graphing calculator.

INTERACTIVITY: The goal of the bulletin board is to have the students correctly match the equation on each witch’s hat with its matching graph. They will Velcro the witch to her proper graph.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Match the equation on each witch’s hat with the proper graph!

TIME: approximately 2 minutes.

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: The background and border are store bought. Everything else was made using a word document on my computer. The witch design was found on the internet. The equation was added by me, using equation editor and then colored pencils were used to add color. Velcro was attached to the witches to make them moveable. The graphs were printed out using a TI 84+ calculator and a computer program called TIconnect.

CREDIT: Each student who completes the bulletin board activity correctly will receive 2 bonus points on their next test.

OTHER COMMENTS: This bulletin board is quite easy to use. Just un-Velcro the witch and place her on the piece of Velcro by the matching graph.

Tara Smith