by Lizzie Shultz


Simplifying Algebraic Fractions

Lizzie Shultz
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TITLE: Simply Simplify and…BINGO!

SUBJECT: Algebra

TOPIC: Simplifying Algebraic Fractions

INTERACTIVITY: Students will simplify algebraic fractions via bingo. Players will draw balls, one by one, from a bag and read the algebraic function that is written on the ball. Players will write down the fraction and simplify it on their own worksheet. Once simplified, players will look for their answer on their own bingo board and cover it up or cross it out. Players must get five in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to get a bingo.


Object of the Game: You must simplify algebraic fractions to cover spaces on your bingo board. Get a straight vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line consisting of 5 spaces and you get a BINGO! First player to get a BINGO wins the game.

Players: 1 to 4 players per game


    • Make sure the boards are wiped down and all the balls are in the blue “Draw a ball from here” bag.
    • Each player has only ONE bingo board.
    • Each player needs one worksheet to start. (If playing multiple times, get a new worksheet for each new game.)
    • Let's Play:
      • Draw a ball from the blue bag.
      • Make sure all the players can see the algebraic fraction on the ball.
      • Copy the fraction onto the worksheet where indicated.
      • Copy all the fractions down IN ORDER.
      • Place the ball in the green bag. (This is so you do not pick it again during this game.)
      • On the right side of the worksheet, simplify the fraction and circle your answer. Make sure to show your work.
      • Find your answer on YOUR bingo board and cross it out with a marker.
      • When all the players are ready, repeat until someone as a BINGO.
    • You may use extra worksheets if needed.
    • If you get a BINGO, indicate where and which card number on your worksheet (on the back).
    • When someone gets a BINGO, the game is over.
      • Put all the balls back into the blue bag.
      • Clean off all the bingo boards.
    • Hand in your work for credit.

IMPORTANT: Students can earn a bonus point for every game played, up to ten points.

TIME: The time of the game varies from 10 minutes and longer. Bingo is a game of chance, but simplifying one fraction should take about 2 minutes.

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: I used a homemade version of a dry erase board for my bingo boards. (This saves the hassle of having to construct lots of circles to cover up the spaces on the board, like what dabbers do on a regular bingo card.) I cut a piece of poster board, wrote the answers in the grid. Then I covered with it plastic wrap. Students then use dry erase markers to cross out their answers on the bingo board. Dry erase markers can be erased from the cling wrap and the board can easily be cleared for a new game.

CREDIT: A student earns extra credit for playing bingo, whether alone or with friends. A student can earn one point by playing the game, showing all work, and having a significant amount of answers correct. Students can play multiple times, earning up to 10 points.

Lizzie Shultz
Fall 2007