by Rob Shields

Algebra 2

Counting Principles

Rob Shields
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TITLE: License Plate Factory

SUBJECT: Algebra 2

TOPIC: Counting Principles

INTERACTIVITY: Students will read the directions printed below the prisoner drawn in chalk. After reading the directions, students can remove the Velcro license plates fastened to the bulletin board to reveal detailed examples. These examples model specifically how the first three problems on the worksheet should be solved.

DIRECTIONS: “While playing Monopoly, Uncle Pennybags got sent to jail again. Now, instead of using his “get out of jail free” card the warden is lengthening his sentence and forcing him to make license plates. Help Uncle Pennybags find out how many different types of license plates he can make by using various counting techniques.”

TIME: 5-10 minutes

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: Velcro, chalk, fixant.

CREDIT: Students will receive a homework pass for completing the worksheet.

OTHER COMMENTS: The picture drawn in chalk is the image of the “in jail” corner of the classic Monopoly game.

Rob Shields
Fall 2007