by Cody Schuler

High School Math


Cody Schuler
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TITLE: Simon Says…

SUBJECT: High school level would be most appropriate, but it could be used in many subjects.

TOPIC: Logic

INTERACTIVITY: Students will be given a specific number of gallons of water, tennis balls, to isolate. They can fill up the buckets, tennis ball tubes, or empty them into the other bucket by turning them upside-down and take the balls out.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: John McLane and Zeus Carver did not show up this time and they still owe Simon some water. Use the 5 gallon bucket and the 3 gallon bucket to isolate the precise amount of water. You may fill up either buckets and empty the buckets into each other, by adding and subtracting balls from the tubes. The tubes swivel, so just tip them upside-down to get the balls out, make sure that you catch them before they hit the floor. You may not “estimate” the amount of water that you put in. You may not just put one ball into the tube and say, “Hey look, I got one gallon.” There has to be process of getting the exact amount. For example, if I had a 7 gallon bucket and a 3 gallon bucket and have to get 4 gallons, I would fill up the 7 gallon bucket with 7 balls. Next I would fill the 3 gallon bucket with three balls and would have my 4 gallons, balls, left in the 7 gallon bucket. Complete the worksheet by separating the correct amount of water and give it to Simon with a vengeance.

TIME: This activity should take around 10-15 minutes.

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: I poked brass paper fasteners through the tennis ball tubes, then through the background paper, then through some cardboard. The “flaps” of the fasteners are glued to the cardboard so they do not go anywhere. The cardboard is securely stapled to the bulletin board.

CREDIT: Students will be completing the worksheet for 10 points of extra credit on there next test.

OTHER COMMENTS: You will need to staple the cardboard several times to make sure that the tubes do not fall.

Cody Schuler
Fall 2007