by Sam Schuld


Derivatives & Integrals

Sam Schuld
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TITLE: Math Hunt

SUBJECT: Calculus

TOPIC: Derivatives and Integrals

INTERACTIVITY: The students will first pick up the worksheet. On it will be three problems for derivatives and three problems for integrals. For each answer that they get there will be answer cards. On the back of the answer cards will be single digit numbers. If the students get all three problems for both categories right, they get the combination to the "lock box." There will be two lock boxes. One box is for the integral problems, and one box is for the derivatives. Just in case the students are better in doing one than the other, both boxes will have a candy reward in them. So if they didn’t get all the problems right for the derivatives, and they did get all the problems right for the integrals, they will get a prize anyway.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Try to find what’s hiding inside the "lock box." You have two boxes that you can try to open. To open the boxes you must get the correct answers to the questions below. Three questions are about derivatives, and the other three are about integrals. The black course is for the derivative problems, and the white coarse is for the integral problems. Once you solve the problems, on the back of the answer cards are single digit numbers. Each of these numbers is a part of the lock combination. The first question’s answer is the first number; the second question’s answer is the second number, and so on. If you get the wrong answers though you won’t get into the boxes! Good luck and happy hunting!

TIME: 10-15 minutes


I wanted them to have an incentive to do the problems. So I told them the only way they were going to get that prize in the box is if they do the problems and get the right answers. When they get the right answers, they get the right combination.

CREDIT: This will be a review session for them, but it will count as a homework grade. It would be a good review for their test. They get six points for completing the assignment.

OTHER COMMENTS: The board and the worksheet are pretty self-explanatory.

HANDOUT: On the following two pages.

Sam Schuld