by Jon Ruppert

Algebra 1


Jon Ruppert
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TITLE: Pro Bowl Inequalities

SUBJECT: Algebra 1

TOPIC: Inequalities

INTERACTIVITY: The students will each pick a team the AFC or NFC. There will be one student on each team. The students will have cards with questions to answer and if answered correctly the student will move the football 10 yards or 20 yards for the word problems. They will move the football down the field until they score a touchdown or get two questions wrong at that time the other player will take control of the ball where the first player lost it. After a touchdown the ball will start on the 30-yard line. The first player with two touchdowns wins.


  1. This is a two-player game. It is worth five points to the winner and three points to the runner up added onto your next test grade. You will only receive this point if you finish the game.
  2. The winner of the game is the first person to score two touchdowns. Each touchdown is worth seven points. Start with the scoreboard 0-0. When a player scores the first touchdown remove the 0 and get a 7 out of the score folder hanging on the board.
  3. Decide who is the AFC and NFC team. To decide who starts the game, play Paper, Rock, Scissors. Now that you have decided who goes first, this will be Player 1, place the football on the 30-yard line of your side of the field.
  4. The person that is on defense (Player 2) picks a card out of either the word problems folder or the questions folder hanging on the board Player 1 decides which folder to pick from. The word problems are worth 20 yards and the rest of the questions are worth 10 yards if answered correctly. Player 1 writes the question and answer on their worksheet when they are finished they will show the answer to Player 2 to see if they are correct (Answer on back of cards). If Player 1 is correct move the football 10 yards towards Player 2's end zone. If Player 1 is incorrect the football does not move. Place the card to the side so you don't get the same card twice. You continue this process until Player 1 scores a touchdown or gets two questions incorrect.
  5. If Player 1 scores a touchdown then Player 2 places the football on their 30-yard line and you repeat step 2 with Player 1 asking the questions. If Player 1 gets two questions incorrect then player 2 starts with the football at the place where Player 1 ended.
  6. If either player gets a total of four questions wrong then the other player wins if they have a higher score. If the score is tied the other player has one more opportunity to score and if they do not score then go to the last question on the handout on the last page and complete the question. After completion turn in the handout and I will determine the winner.
  7. Write each question down on your worksheet on the spaces provided. Turn in the handout when completed to receive full credit.

TIME: The assignment will take approximately 15-20 minutes.

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: the only thing that I can add is that I have the football abd the score attached with Velcro.

CREDIT: The assignment will be worth five points to the winner and three points to the runner up added to their next test grade.

Jon Ruppert
Fall 2007