by Tracey Rickert

Algebra II

Distance Between Two Points, Slope of a Line, Equation of a Line, & Distance Between a Point and a Line

Tracey Rickert
To obtain a downloadable copy of the worksheet that accompanies this bulletin board, click on the button below.

SUBJECT: The subject in which the bulletin board would be used is Algebra 2.

TOPIC: The topic of the bulletin board includes the following: Distance between two points, slope of a line, equation of a line, distance between a point and a line.

INTERACTIVITY: The bulletin board will contain numbered flaps made of construction paper. The students will lift the flaps to access the information needed to complete the corresponding questions on the worksheet.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: The directions will be on the worksheet as follows: Complete the following questions by using the numbered information flaps located on the bulletin board. Open the flaps to access the information needed to answer the questions. Complete the worksheet and hand it in to the teacher. The worksheet will count as a quiz grade.

TIME: The estimated time to complete the activity is approximately twenty minutes.

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: The letters are cut from construction paper and sprinkled with white glitter. The snowflakes are cut from white paper and also sprinkled with white glitter. The snowman scene is glued to a blue poster board. The snowmen are made from white foam paper and cut with craft scissors to give scalloped edges. The hats, scarves, and mittens are made from felt and decorated. The snowmen’s arms are tree twigs and the mittens are attached to the large snowman’s arms with black pipe cleaners looped over the twigs. The trees are cut from green felt and the snow mountain is made from white cotton batting. The ice pond is cut from blue paper and covered with white glitter. Tiny black craft pom-poms are used for the large snowman’s eyes and mouth, and of course he has a plastic carrot nose. The information flaps are made from folded construction paper with the necessary information typed inside the flap on white paper. Each flap is numbered to correspond to the question on the activity sheet.

CREDIT: The bulletin board activity will count as a quiz grade.

Tracey Rickert