by Chrissy Procopio

Algebra I

Factoring & Solving Equations

Chrissy Procopio
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TITLE: Monkey Business

SUBJECT: Algebra 1, seventh grade

TOPIC: Factoring and solving equations

INTERACTIVITY: The students will receive a worksheet with 11 problems on it. The answers to the problems can be found on coconuts and bananas that are on the bulletin board. The coconuts and bananas can be removed from the bulletin board and on the reverse side have letters. The letters can then be written in the blanks on the bottom of the worksheet. The letters that are the answer to problem one is to be written in the blank with the number one below it. When all the problems have been completed, the answer to the riddle will be spelled out on the bottom of the page.

DIRECTIONS: Complete the following problems on the worksheet. When you have an answer, find it on one of the coconuts or bananas. Flip over the fruit to find the corresponding letters that will fill in the puzzle. Complete all the problems to find the answer to the riddle!

TIME: This should take approximately ten to fifteen minutes

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: The only special construction that was used in the bulletin board was Velcro to hold the coconuts and pineapples with the answers on them to the board.

CREDIT: This bulletin board would be worth five points of extra credit.

OTHER COMMENTS: The answer to the riddle, do monkeys know how to gamble, is they don’t have the Vegas idea.

Chrissy Procopio