by Jessica Paulas



Jessica Paulas
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SUBJECT: Pre-Algebra

TOPIC: Probability

INTERACTIVITY: Students will have to interact with the bulletin board in a couple of different ways. First, each student will be required to take one of the oversized dice from the bulletin board and roll it a number of times, recording their roll each time. Secondly, students will be required to think more in depth about probability. On the bulletin board there will be a probability quote and a probability cartoon. Students will be required to analyze both of them, pick which ever one that they are more intrigued by, and then elaborate on it.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: The directions for use are included in the worksheet. To make it easier for students, I have separated the worksheet into three different sections, each with their own directions. They are as follows:

  • Part A: Directions: Answer the following five questions using your prior knowledge. Each question deals with a regular die numbered 1 – 6.
  • Part B: Directions: Pick up one of yellow die from the bulletin board. Roll it 10 times and record your outcomes on the spaces provided. When you are finished answer the questions. Remember to replace the die when you are done rolling it!
  • Part C: Directions: On the bulletin board you will notice that there are two different things: a probability quote and a cartoon dealing with probability. You have one of two choices here:
    • Choice 1: Read/ analyze the quote. Do you agree or disagree with the quote? Justify your answer by using your own unique ideas.
    • Choice 2: Take a look at the cartoon. Carefully think about what the cartoon is asking. Do you think Edgar Allan Poe is correct or incorrect? Justify your answer.

TIME: This bulletin board activity should take approximately 10-15 minutes for students to complete.

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: The dice included with the bulletin board are 5 inches by 5 inches and are made of soft foam. This way not only will students be more excited to roll the dice (rather than mini regular dice) but they will also not hurt anyone with them because they are soft. There are two dice included so two students can interact with the bulletin board at once.

CREDIT: Students are informed in the bulletin board activity worksheet that they will receive up to 6 points extra credit for completing the worksheet. The extra credit will be applied to their overall grade at the end of the marking period.

Jessica Paulas
Fall 2006