by Carly Moyer

Algebra I

One-Step Equations

Carly Moyer
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TITLE: Crypto-Solve It

SUBJECT: This bulletin board is designed for an algebra class

TOPIC: Solving equations with one transformation.

INTERACTIVITY: Each equation ahs a letter next to it. The students must solve the equation and place the letter of the equation above the correct answer. The letters are made of felt and thumb tacked to the board. The students remove the letter and retack it to its correct place.


  1. Solve each equation. Use this paper to show your work for each equation.
  2. Find your answer at the bottom of the board.
  3. Place the letter of the equation on the line above your answer.
  4. When finished you should have spelled a familiar phrase.
  5. Write the phrase in the space provided.


___________________       __________________

TIME: 20 – 25 minutes

SPECIAL CONSTRUCION: All of the letters and numbers have a 3-D effect to them. They were each cut out in two different colors and one is placed on top of the other in order to give it the effect. The only letters not like this are the letters of the equation. These letters were cut out of felt and placed on top of orange letters that were cut out of construction paper. The orange letters were glued to the background and the felt letters were thumb tacked on top. This allows the students to know where to put back the letters when they are finished so the next student can play.

CREDIT: Students will receive an extra 5 points on their test if they have the correct answer for the bulletin board. They must also hand in the problems and show their work and the answers to each to receive full credit.

Carly Moyer