by Amy Miller

Algebra 3 (Probability & Patterns)

Pascal’s Triangle

Amy Miller
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TITLE: Probability and Patterns with Pascal

SUBJECT: 11th grade Algebra 3, Probability, Patterns in Mathematics

TOPIC: Pascal's Triangle

INTERACTIVITY: I will tell the students in class on Wednesday, September 19 that there will be a bulletin board assignment due on Friday, September 28. I will also mention that the bulletin board will be up Friday, September 21 through Thursday, September 27. When the students get to the bulletin board, they first will pick up the worksheet. On the bulletin board will be Pascal's triangle. However, some of the values on the triangle will be out of place, and the student's will have to place them in their correct spot. The students are able to do this because each value is on a hexagon that can be moved.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: In class, we had a discussion about Pascal's triangle and how it is formed, but the students have actually never seen a picture of Pascal's triangle. On the bulletin board will be the first several rows of Pascal's triangle. However, some of the values on the triangle will be out of place. The student's will have to place the values in the correct spot by moving them (there will be Velcro on the back of the pieces). Each student will copy the triangle onto their worksheet on the space provided. The student's will have to complete the worksheet on probability using Pascal's triangle and patterns in Pascal's triangle.

Note: After you complete Pascal's triangle, please scatter the values back to their original places or somewhere close to where they were for the next student.

TIME: Students will need approximately 5-10 minutes at the bulletin board to record what they need on their worksheet. The student will need approximately 30 minutes to complete the worksheet.

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: Velcro on hexagons, so they stick to the bulletin board. Velcro on bulletin board is stapled as well so it does not fall off.

CREDIT: The students will receive a homework grade that is worth up to 25 points for completing this assignment.

OTHER COMMENTS: See Special Construction.

Amy Miller
Fall 2007