by Sasha Merkel

8th-9th Grade General Math

Logical Reasoning in Problem Solving

Sasha Merkel
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TITLE: Scrambled Eggs

SUBJECT: 8th/9th Grade General Math

TOPIC: Logical reasoning in problem solving

INTERACTIVITY: Students will get into pairs to complete the bulletin board. One student, the "Egg Code Maker", removes one of each color egg from "The Goodie Bag" and places them in a specific order in the bag labeled the "The Cracked Egg Code". The other student, the "Egg Code Cracker", is to be unaware of this order, and therefore should not be looking. Once this is done, the game begins by the Egg Code Cracker placing the simulated eggs (colored paper plates) from goodie bag in the first column in the order they believe the Egg Code Maker has placed the eggs. The simulated eggs attach to the bulletin board with Velcro. Once the first column in complete, the Egg Code Maker marks how many of the eggs are in the correct position on the tally sheet below the first column. Using the information given on the tally sheet, the Egg Code Cracker now guesses a second time by placing the simulated eggs in column two. Again, the Egg Code Maker marks how many eggs are in the correct position. The Egg Code Cracker keeps guessing using the information on the tally sheets until they come up with the order the Egg Code Maker placed the eggs, or until they have used all five guesses. Once the game is over, the Egg Code Crackers completes the attached worksheet. Roles should be switched after completion of the first game.


  • You are about to engage in the Scrambled Eggs game. This game calls for two players, so you will need a partner to play. Once you have chosen your partner decide who wants to be the Egg Code Maker, and who wants to be the Egg Code Cracker. You are going to switch roles after you complete the first game, so just randomly choose.
  • To begin, reach into the bag labeled "The Goodie Bag", and remove six sheets of orange paper out of the small white letter envelope. Place one sheet each in the six clips located along the bottom of the bulletin board. These orange sheets will serve as your tally for eggs in their correct positions.
  • Now the Egg Code Maker removes one pink, one purple, one yellow, and one green plastic egg from the goodie bag. Please only take only one of each! The other plastic eggs are only there as back ups in case one of the eggs breaks. Next, the Egg Code Maker must decide what order he/she wants to place the eggs while the Egg Code Cracker closes their eyes. Once the Egg Code Maker has made their choice, he/she places the eggs IN THAT ORDER into the bag labeled "The Cracked Egg Code", and zips the bag close. The Egg Code Maker may want to mark down the order somewhere hidden from the Egg Code Cracker in case he/she forgets.

Let the game begin!

  • Your board resembles something like this, but in this picture column one is shaded in.

  • The Egg Code Cracker begins by removing one pink, one purple, one yellow, and one green of the simulated eggs (also known as colored paper plates). Place the "eggs" in the order you believe the Egg Code Maker has placed them in by attaching the Velcro on the back of the eggs, to one of the blue boxes in the first column until you have filled the column. Please note that you can only use one of each color in each column.
  • Now that the first guess is in place, the Egg Code Maker takes a marker out of the little basket and marks on the orange tally sheet (directly below the column), how many eggs are in their correct position. The Egg Code Maker is NOT to tell which eggs are in their correct position! Only the number of correct eggs should be communicated.
  • It's on the Egg Code Cracker to crack the case of the Scrambled Eggs now! Continue to place the eggs in the order you believe them to be in and fill in how many are correct on the orange tally sheets. Notice that you have five chances to crack the code, so use logical deduction to make an educated guess rather than just a guess.
  • Once the case is cracked, or all six columns are unsuccessfully used, you must place the plastic eggs back in "The Goodie Bag" as well as the paper plate eggs. Remove the orange pieces of paper.

TIME: 20 minutes

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: Some words of wisdom: Velcro is stronger than it appears! Originally I had stapled pieces of paper to the bulletin board to serve as place holders for the paper plates, and then attached Velcro to the pieces of paper and to the paper plates so they could easily stick to the board. What I found was that the Velcro was way stronger than the staples and resulted in the pieces of paper ripping right off the bulletin board when you would remove a paper plate. So, with the advice of Mr. Schaeffer, I a couple staples right on the Velcro to make it weaker.

CREDIT: As the Scrambled Eggs Worksheet explains, completion of the worksheet results in 4 bonus points on the following quiz.

Sasha Merkel
Spring 2006