by Sarah Melcher

General Math

History of Math

Sarah Melcher
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TITLE: Who’s Who?

SUBJECT: This bulletin board can be used in 10th, 11th, or 12th grade average or advanced math course.

TOPIC: The topic of this bulletin board is to cover famous mathmaticians, their major contributions to math, and give the students a sense of the history of math.

INTERACTIVITY: See Teacher Instructions

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: See Teacher Instructions

TIME: There are 18 flaps, so it will take approximately 6 weeks to complete, if done every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: The flaps are stapled to the bulletin board and held closed with a circular piece of velcros. The strings are thumbtacked, with a flat thumbtack, behind the flaps, and then attached to the country of origin with a round topped straight pin. The inside of the flaps looks as follows:

CREDIT: See worksheet and Teacher Instructions(below).

OTHER COMMENTS: The mathematicians chosen for the inside of the flaps include: Euclid, Fermat, Newton, Abel, Erotosthenes, Gauss, Galois, Pascal, Euler, etc.


  • Every Monday , Wednesday, and Friday have a student pick one of the closed flaps.
  • The students will be given two days to submit a contribution.
  • The contributions must be submitted with student name, mathematician’s name, contribution, and source. (The sources may consist of another teacher, the Internet, and/or a book.)
  • The teacher will check the contributions for correctness.
  • On the next day to pick a flap the student chosen to pick a new flap will also record the contributions of the previous mathematician.
  • For any student that submits at least 15 correct contributions they will receive a free homework pass.

Sarah Melcher