by Mollie McGeary

7th Grade

Sum of Angles of Polygons

Mollie McGeary
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TITLE: Sum of Angles

SUBJECT: 7th Grade Pre-Algebra

TOPIC: Sum of angles of polygons

INTERACTIVITY: The point of the activity is for the students to use pre-made triangles to create the described shapes.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Using the triangles provided create the shapes described. Then on the back of this worksheet draw the pictures of the shapes and answer the questions. Turn in for extra credit.

TIME: 20 minutes (NOTE: The bonus question may take more time since there may be some research involved.)

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: Some special construction that had to take place in order for this bulletin board to function is that the background is felt, and the triangles had to be laminated and Velcro had to be put on the back in order for them to stick to the board

CREDIT: The bulletin board was designed for extra credit.

Mollie McGeary