by Jayme Mahle

8th Grade Algebra

Order of Operations (in Equations)

Jayme Mahle
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TITLE: Operation: Equation

SUBJECT: 8th Grade Algebra

TOPIC: Order of Operations (in equations)

INTERACTIVITY: Students will need to be moving the different numbers (1-9) around the equation grid and placing them into the pockets where desired. The solution numbers and operation symbols are all movable and will be moved around in different orders as indicated on the worksheet.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: The student will first need to make sure that the grid is set up like the grid on the worksheet (there are five grids total). Students do this by moving the operation symbol cards and the solution cards and placing them in the appropriate pouches on the grid. Once the grid matches the worksheet, the students will use order of operations and each number 1-9 to fill in the missing blocks on the grid. Each number 1-9 must be used and only used once. When all the blocks are filled in all of the equations (rows and columns) should make sense. Hints will be given for each grid, but the students must use order of operations to determine what number the hint is revealing. This process is repeated for each of the grids.

TIME: Approximately 10-15 minutes

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: The grid pouches and other pouches were constructed by using diskette (3.5 x 5) pouches. These were purchased at an office store. The background was military fabric purchased at a local fabric store. The squares used for numbers were cut from construction paper and laminated. The numbers placed on the squares were cut out of white vinyl sheets or could be purchased at an office or craft store.

CREDIT: This activity will be completed as a review of the topic and turned in for extra credit.

OTHER COMMENTS: This could be done using many different materials and may have more than one answer for each grid.

Jayme Mahle
Fall 2007