by Christina Klucharich

Algebra 2

Radicals, Exponents, Polynomials, Matrices, & Inequalities

Christina Klucharich
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TITLE: High-Flying Algebraists

SUBJECT: Algebra 2

TOPIC: This bulletin board is put up at the end of the school year (if using period scheduling), or put up at the end of the first semester (if using block scheduling). Therefore, this bulletin board acts a review of topics from that were covered during the semester. The topics I choose to review were 5 of the harder sections. The students review radicals, exponents, polynomials, matrices, and inequalities.

INTERACTIVITY: Students will use the given worksheet and interact with the bulletin. Under each category (algebraist) there are four clouds. Each of these clouds have a question from that specific category. Students are to work individually, and go through one category at a time. For example, the students have to start with cloud question number 1; this is below Shrek (radicals). The student would remove the cloud and copy down the question onto their worksheet. Then, after the problem is written down, they move Shrek down to where the cloud 1 question was. Then, the students would take the cloud 2 question and do the same process as they did with number 1. The object is to complete all the problems, and safely land each algebraist down to the ground (this is only possible if ALL of the problems are completed). Students are to complete the problems in order from 1-20 at home or in class.


  1. Make sure the clouds are in place, and all the cartoon algebraists are at the top of the bulletin board, under the plane.
  2. Each student will work individually on this activity.
  3. Start with cloud question number 1 (under Shrek). This question is the first question that deals with radicals. Read the question and then copy it down on your worksheet. Then, put the cloud in the cloud discard box/envelope. Move Shrek down to where the cloud question number 1 used to be.
  4. Then, take cloud question number 2. Read the question and then copy it down on your worksheet. Put this cloud then into the cloud discard box/envelope. Move Shrek down to where the cloud question number 2 used to be.
  5. Do the same steps with cloud question number 3, and then again with cloud question number 4. After you have put Shrek where cloud question number 4, you have completed the questions on radicals, and landed Shrek safely onto the ground.
  6. Repeat the same process with Spongebob and his cloud questions on exponents. Make sure to copy down all of his questions (5-8) onto the worksheet, and land him safely onto to the ground.
  7. These steps in copying down the problems and moving the characters is repeated for the rest of the characters: Donatello (polynomials), Mickey Mouse (matrices), and Bugs Bunny (inequalities).
  8. All of these questions (1-19) you are copying onto your worksheet are to be completed at home or in class. The very last problem, cloud question number 20, is the only problem that is to be completed right now. After you write down question number 20, complete it. Use the calculator provided if needed. Then, hand in the problem immediately after completion. Do this by separating the last page (with number 20) and put this page in the folder on the bulletin board. (MAKE SURE YOUR NAME IS ON IT!)

TIME: To complete the bulletin board part of the activity, students should take only about 5-10 minutes. This is just where the students copy down the problems to solve when they are in class. To complete the problems, a student should take about 30 minutes to an hour.

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: I drew everything on my bulletin board. I always had a love for drawing so I really wanted to do something that incorporated that. I chose to use cartoon characters because a lot of kids like cartoons. I probably would take some kind of poll those to find out what favorite cartoon characters most students like, because some of the ones I did students might not like. Therefore, I drew everything, and instead of getting them laminated by a machine, I used self-adhesive laminating sheets. Thus, I spent a lot of time doing this bulletin board!

CREDIT: Students are to complete the worksheet by using the bulletin board. Then, they will hand in the completed worksheet by a given date for a homework grade. This activity is to help students prepare for the final exam that is coming up.

OTHER COMMENTS: To ensure students are completing the activity I have the very last problem cloud number 20 to be completed on the last page of the worksheet. Here the students have to complete it right away and hand it in to ensure they did the bulletin board activity and did not just copy the problems from someone. Therefore, a calculator should be at hand on your bulletin board, and the worksheet should only contain problems 1-19 completed when it is handed in.

Christina Klucharich
Fall 2007