by Megan Kerr


Stem and Leaf Plots

Megan Kerr
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SUBJECT: Algebra

TOPIC: Stem and Leaf Plots

INTERACTIVITY: The students will have to move the given leaves from the bulletin board. They will then put them in the appropriate columns on the bulletin board by using the worksheet. There will be Velcro both on the leaves and in the columns of the graph.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Given the background knowledge of stem and leaf plots that you have learned in class use the data on the bulletin board to make a stem and leaf plot on the bulletin board. First use the data for the class test scores. Take the leaves out of the envelope and arrange them by placing them in the correct stem and leaf columns with the data that you are given. After you have completed making the graph, use the information to answer the appropriate questions. Once you have completed the questions put the leaves back into the envelope. After you have done that, follow the same directions for the temperature data that were given above. After you have the data on the stem and leaf graph answer the appropriate questions and return the leaves to their original place in the envelope.

TIME: 15 minutes

SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION: I used fake leaves and branches to catch the student’s attention and to make it more 3-D. I used lamination on the leaves because the students will be moving them around and it will allow them to stay sturdy and not rip. I also used velcro so that the students would easily move the leaves into their correct positions.

CREDIT: The students will receive a homework grade for completing this worksheet. If they have gotten all of the answers correct they will also receive three points of extra credit on their next test.

COMMENTS: I think that this is a better way to check for understanding with the students. It is a lot more fun to move leaves on a bulletin board, rather than just writing down information on a piece of paper.

Megan Kerr
Fall 2006